The Artists

Zé Manel

As independence from colonial rule was won across Africa, many expressions of cultural revolution burst forth across the continent. In Guinea-Bissau, it was music. Deep-rooted rhythms and folklore were re-interpreted in modern arrangements that inspired, mobilized, and unified. The new music featured electric guitars, brass, and lyrics sung in Kriol (a synthesis of several African languages and Portuguese), the language of the people. Zé Manel is a foundational figure of that movement. More...


Super Mama Djombo

Considered one of the great electric roots bands from 70s and early 80s West Africa, Super Mama Djombo may be recorded as the greatest. With five interlocking electric guitars and several-part vocal harmonies, this fifteen-person orchestra blazes through fresh interpretations of traditional rhythms, wends its way through yearning ballads, shouts a new national identity with African rock-fusion sensibility. A revolutionary band of national unity, they sing in Kriol (the popular synthesis of Portuguese and African languages) and in several indigenous languages. More...

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